Everett Herald: Students at Lake Stevens High School organize protest against gun violence

“Earlier this week, students at Lake Stevens High School organized their own protest against gun violence.

About 30 students on Friday held signs as they walked from the school’s main entrance to the stadium at the start of their lunch period. They gathered in the stands and listened to each other speak.

Hayden LaCelle, 16, organized the walkout on social media. At the protest, he spoke to fellow students, urging them to work together and take action.

LaCelle told The Herald that the event’s goal was not to push for a specific solution or political view — which he said ‘gets us nowhere’ — but instead to call on legislators to end gun violence.

‘The last thing we need is divisiveness,’ he told the crowd.

He criticized ‘inaction’ on the part of elected officials to prevent mass shootings and other forms of gun violence.

‘Legislators have had the opportunity to stop this epidemic in its tracks,’ LaCelle said. ‘Yet nothing has been done.’

He encouraged students to call their senators and other elected officials to demand increased gun control legislation.

LaCelle said he was happy with how the high school event went, though the turnout was sparse. He did not let that discourage him.

He said, ‘Sometimes we have to fight fights with not a lot of people, or even alone.'”

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