Everett Herald: ASB gives students a voice at school

“As someone who is a senator for a local high school in its Associated Student Body, I can tell you: the ASB has a big impact for its students.

ASB does a lot; and not just in high school, but also in some middle schools. They’re the ones who are representing the entire student body. But what exactly do they do? Well, a lot, and it can vary from school to school. To summarize it overall, they do things ranging from planning, organizing, to actually executing and participating in school-wide events. They get involved in budgetary settings, and also get a chance to work with their fellow students, and other school staff.

In a way, they’re somewhat of the backbone of our schools. They are there to help our students feel welcome, safe and cared for by not just the school, but their fellow peers as well; even in an environment that might not feel like that for some.

Why should students try to get in? There can be a variety of factors, but a lot of it boils down to this reason: Student voice. You get a big opportunity to not just represent your voice, but also your peers’ voices as well. You get to be a part of what makes the school thrive, what makes people feel safe, and a place that people can call their second home.

And best of all, you get to show off your school spirit in a very special way.”

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