About me

My name is Hayden LaCelle. I'm an autistic 17-year-old youth activist fighting for education, progressive policies, and civil debate.
Hayden LaCelle wearing a Free College for All mask in front of LSHS stairwell wall.
Hayden LaCelle in a Microsoft Teams meeting on a Chromebook in the principal's office of the Lake Stevens High School.
Doing What's Right

All of us or bust.

Even if it means doing work at inconvenient times, I am still committed to fighting for the people.

I’m not ashamed to speak up, to say what I believe in, to fight for what I believe in. I am ready to fight for the people, to fight for someone we don’t know.

I started in February 2020 as a text banker for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Ever since then, I’ve worked with multiple organizations, political campaigns, and other projects to not just help further our progressive policies, but also work to improve other sectors of our world, including hunger, education, and inclusivity.

My Values

Family and friends always come first. Mental health is a necessity in what we do everyday. Always think about those you love.

No matter what is happening, my family and friends will always be at the forefront of my priorities. They are what have helped me come to where I am at today, and where we all are at today. It’s important we cherish those relationships.

Mental health is a necessity in what we do everyday. If our mental health is poor, we tend to perform poorer as well. We need to make sure we give ourselves breaks, alone time, and anything else we may need to help improve our mental health so we can be our better selves for a better tomorrow.

My Priorities

Education. People. Family. Friends.

I take pride in my education and put it at the forefront of my priorities. I always try my best to excel in my work, and do what I can to achieve the best possible result. My community is also important to me, and I consider everyone a part of my community. We are all in this fight together. We all have struggles. We all have ups. We all have downs. But what’s important is that we all have a mutual connection for each other. And that is especially true for family and friends.

My Hobbies

Technology. Music. Television.

To the popular contrary, I do have free time sometimes! Something that I’ve always loved is technology. I find everything about it incredibly fascinating, and I love to tinker around with it and see how it works and what goes on behind the scenes. I also love listening to music, with my favorite bands being Modest Mouse and Grateful Dead. I also really enjoy watching television sometimes.