"Not me, us." - Bernie Sanders

The fight is about all of us, not just the wealthy few.

Youth activist Hayden LaCelle

Promoting progressive policies, increasing opportunities and creating inclusivity in education, and expanding civil debate
Hayden LaCelle wearing glasses, sitting down smiling at the camera for school photoshoot. Wearing a white shirt with "Bonneville 2021" logo embroidered.

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years in activism

Imperfect work to improve the lives of all

I have been working in activism throughout the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Throughout the many mistakes, obstacles, and confusions I have encountered, I've been proud to work with others to help improve the lives of everyone.

I started in February 2020 as a text banker for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Ever since then, I’ve worked with multiple organizations, political campaigns, and other projects to not just help further our progressive policies, but also work to improve other sectors of our world, including hunger, education, and inclusivity.

Furthering progressive policies

I've worked with multiple campaigns to elect candidates who will further policies that work for all of us, not just the wealthy few. I've also worked on public and digital messaging to help bring attention to these important policies and have action taken.

Increasing opportunities and inclusivity in education

Throughout my work in previous school leadership roles, including my current roles as an ASB senator of the Lake Stevens High School, and a member of the Lake Stevens School District Student Advisory Council, I have worked with my fellow colleagues in increasing school spirit, acting on issues in our school community, as well as working on increasing student voice and blurring the distance between student body and school district.

Expanding civil debate

I have worked on creating a public space where civil debate is encouraged, and one where we are able to discuss and debate our differences without personal attacks or logical fallacies clouding and plaguing our discussions.

Fighting on a people-first platform

Universal Healthcare

I support a Medicare for All system.

Minimum Wage

I support an increased $25/hour minimum wage.

Voting, Representation, and Parties

I support moving to a proportional representation parliamentary voting system.

Policing Justice and Historical Accountability

Adopted from parts of the Ten Demands for Justice platform.

Free College for All

I support tuition-free college for all.

These are just some of the main issues that make up my people-first platform.
Hayden LaCelle

Doing What's Right

Even if it means doing work at inconvenient times, I am still committed.

I’m not ashamed to speak up, to say what I believe in, to fight for what I believe in. I am ready to fight for the people, to fight for someone we don’t know.

Hayden LaCelle in a Microsoft Teams meeting on a Chromebook in the principal's office of the Lake Stevens High School.